Discovery Sues Hillstrands

I just saw an interesting article on Yahoo. The Discovery Channel is suing Deadliest Catch personalities Andy and Jonathan Hillstrand for failing to complete their obligations for a spin-off show called Hillstranded. Basically, the production team completed principal photography, but the Hillstands decided they did not want to come back to complete the interview segments needed to finish the show. You can see the full article on Yahoo here.

This just struck me as very odd. Why would these two guys say they would make this show and just stop? If you read the article, it says the brothers did not even directly respond to the Discovery Channel when they tried to contact the brothers to set a date for the interviews. Their lawyer did, simply saying it would be wise to not contact the brothers again. There has to be a deeper story here. The interviews would take a day or two at max. Probably not even that. So why not do it? It can’t be laziness.

Motives aside, I have pretty mixed feelings about the result of this. I don’t think the Discovery Channel is necessarily wrong in attacking these two. They said they would do the show, and they did not fulfill their obligation. There’s no telling how much money the Discovery Channel spent on production up to that point. It could very well be a few million. In that sense I definitely think the Hillstrands have an obligation to repay what they cost the Discovery Channel by turning their back on the show. I guess my mixed feelings come from the fact that it could cost the Hillstrands their boat and crew if they end up having to pay $3 million dollars, but at the end of the day I really don’t have much sympathy for them. They said they would do the show; I would imagine they signed a contract, and they did not go through with their promise. If there was some deeper reason, they should go public with it, or at least say they have personal reasons, not just break off contact and hide.

So what do you think? Is the Discovery Channel going too far in suing them, or are the Hillstrands asking for it? Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Discovery Sues Hillstrands

  1. I think the show is over wth this development. I think Discovery wants it over . I think they should end Kate plus 8 .
    I can’t see why this couldn’t be resolved with the brothers. These guys are a band of brothers . Attack one and you attack the Alaskan crab fishing industry. I think this is stupid of Discovery. I also think t hasn’t been a year since Phil died and that does not put his family in a position to continue since they are good friends of the rest of their cast. Maybe somebody asked for 2 much money to continue this show.
    What a sad end to Deadliest Catch. You are going to lose a lot of fans . I am still not watching Sarah Palin and Kate plus 8.

    • Keep in mind that this is not about Deadliest Catch. It is about an offshoot that just the Hillstrand brothers agreed to do. And they said they would do it and then flaked on their agreement. I agree that exploiting the Deadliest Catch people would be a terrible move, but if they offer to do and then turn back without even a hint at a reason, I lose my sympathy for them.

  2. when a person or persons contract it is binding. also when a party changes position based upon a promise and the other party doesn’t come thru with the promise legally the promised party can not only sue for actual damages but also damages that would of been of benefit had the contract been kept. also as a christian matthew 5:37 says just let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no,for what is in the excess is from the wicked one. in god’s eyes our promise is important and not to keep our word is sinful. it used to be that a man regarded his word as important and others did too. it was said that a man was as good as their word. i enjoyed these guys too. they were funny and interesting. they will be missed. but on other sites some of their fans are calling discovery ceo a jew a pig and awful things. johnathan talked of god and his son and being answerable to them. i can’t think he or andy would want their fans becoming hatefilled to this point. i wonder if they even realize what all this has done to their fans.

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